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Q. How much does it cost to be a member?

Graduates = $10/mo | Seniors/Students = FREE | Eco Designers = FREE (to list in the Eco Section ONLY.) However, a Eco Designer can simutaneously post a listing in the regular section for $10 if they provide both services.)

Q. Can a Designer post a listing in multiple sections?

Yes, but because posting space is limited you must pay the appropriate fee for each listing, there is no discount for multiple listings.

Q. Are all the providers college graduates?

YES, every provider has a degree from an accredited college or university in their respective category EXCEPT the STUDENTS - they are Seniors attending a an accredited college or university in their respective category.

Q. How does this work?

Simply select the service or product that you need, the state you need service in and once you find the designer you want, connect with them to schedule a design meeting/fitting. The designer will provide you with an estimate and time frame for your product/services to be completed. For quotes please view the desired designers profile and click "SUBMIT REQUEST".

Q. Are prices set by Fits By Design?

NO, each individual service provider sets their own prices. Every designer has earned a degree in their respective category and they are Independent Contractors. Fits By Design Custom Clothing Haus LLC is a platform providing feature services and does not collect any monies nor determines the pricing for services rendered. Rates are set by each designer and vary based on experience.

Q. What if I need help or to discuss my experience with a designer?

Designers are not employees of Fits By Design Custom Clothing Haus LLC, they are Independent Contractors who may or may not pay a monthly subscription fee to be featured on our App. All transactions, arrangements, services and business conducted is strictly between the client and the designer. Any PROVEN fraud, theft, or other criminal behavior from a designer will result immediate membership termination. If fraud or any other criminal behavior has been experienced please contact us immediately via email info@fitsbydesign.com or by phone at 323-886-FITS (3487).

Q. Do customers have to pay for use the App?

No, the App is FREE and customers never pay to use any features or services.

Q. How can I join the Fits By Design App?

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