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Fits By Design Custom Clothing Haus LLC is a revolutionary component to the Fashion Industry. We have created the FIRST and ONLY app connecting fashion industry graduates directly to customers.

The Fits By Design app provides our customers with a new convenient experience; personally designing fabric and/or a garment that is fit to their individual measurements, fabric and aesthetic preferences, right from their phones. The customers are serviced by seamstresses, tailors, stylists, shoe, jewelry, handbag and leather good designers of their choosing, who each possess a college degree in their respective categories and are well trained to provide every aspect of service - from design to construction, for women, men and children. Customers can provide an idea, a sketching, a favorite article of clothing or picture and have their vision professionally produced or select made-to-order designs from our ready-to-wear items. If you are an individual who wants to stand out by expressing your own creativity, a fashion designer looking to network or collaborate with other designers, a business looking to personalize marketing items, a sorority, fraternity, club or team...Fits By Design has one message; You DREAM it We MAKE it You WEAR it!

we're dedicated to graduates and students

They've sacrificed and invested into their education, and they deserve a return.

The average cost of a 4 year Fashion Design/Merchandising Degree is $147,000 and a 2 year program is $51,600. Employment of Fashion Designers is projected to grow 3% from 2016 to 2026, 57.1% slower than the average for all occupations. Most apparel continues to be produced internationally. As a result, employment of fashion designers in the apparel manufacturing industry is projected to decline about 33% over the projection period, slowing the overall employment growth of fashion designers. As a result, to earn a living and repay student loans many graduates find employment outside of fashion design while others intern and work part time.

The Fits By Design App was created to provide fashion industry graduates and seniors the flexibility and opportunity to earn an income utilizing their education on their terms while providing the highest quality service to consumers. We know that there are some extremely talented designers who've never stepped into a classroom, however, EVERY graduate has obtained the skill level required to execute garment construction for our standard of quality. Therefore, membership is limited to graduates and students attending an accredited college or university. Because each designer has a different level of experience, they individually determine their own rates. Our designers are independent contractors who pay a monthly feature fee and we do not collect any revenue from service provided.


We've limited the amount of designers we feature on our App in order to maximize their visibility which greatly increases their chances of being booked. We list 25 designers per state in most states and in very dense and large states like California, New York and Florida we separate the states into regions of North, South, East and West, and list 25 designers per region.

Does this also limit our earning potential? Yes it does, however our goal is to get our designers booked and working, if we over saturate our App we know that viewers will feel overwhelmed and only choose from the first page - leaving many designers overlooked. If our designers are booked and working, they'll remain with our company - that is our priority.


Fits By Design Custom Clothing Haus LLC

Brooklyn, New York
Phone: + 1 (323) 886-FITS
Email: info@fitsbydesign.com

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